Welcome to EMDR Center of the Rockies, where we provide top quality EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapy training and consultation to the Front Range clinical community.

Our EMDR Basic Training is taught in an innovative, comprehensive format designed by internationally renowned EMDR researcher and clinician, Andrew Leeds, PhD.  In addition to our cutting edge training, we bring years of experience to our consultation for clinicians seeking their EMDR certification or consultant status. The therapists at our center specialize in the use of this powerful technique and are highly qualified and experienced.

EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training:

Our clinically focused EMDR therapy training format:

  • Utilizes the SonomaPTI curriculum designed by Andrew Leeds, PhD.  Dr. Leeds is a leading trainer and researcher in the field of EMDR therapy. He is well known in the EMDR community as one of the initial trainers under Francine Shapiro, PhD, and his ongoing research and extensive articles are well referenced in both EMDR Basic and Advanced trainings throughout the world.  EMDR Center of the Rockies is proud to be the only provider of this cutting edge curriculum in the State of Colorado. For more information on Dr. Leeds and his work, please visit www.SonomaPTI.com.


  • Our  EMDR therapy training is uniquely designed to take place in four two-day modules that span the course of three months for a completion that is equivalent to both Level I and Level II training.  The program meets all of the EMDRIA (EMDR International Association) requirements for EMDR therapy training including in its format the ten hours of consultation that are built right into the training schedule and included in the standard training fee.


  • There are many key advantages to the four two-day module training format that we utilize. It provides participants more opportunities for review and repeated practice of key perceptual, conceptual, and clinical skills. It is an exceptionally comprehensive training, and is a unique program that offers paced, structured homework materials in each module with easy-to-use forms and scripts to support participants in integrating EMDR therapy into their current clinical setting.


  • Curriculum covers basic neurobiology of trauma and models for understanding and assessing dissociation and attachment disorders aiding the clinician in treating more complex cases, in addition to teaching a comprehensive understanding of the eight phase EMDR protocol. Clinicians who have completed this training are impressed with the knowledge base that they acquire during the program and feel particularly well equipped to implement EMDR therapy in their practices.


On-site trainings are also available for agencies.  For more information and pricing on these on-site trainings, please contact Tamra Hughes directly for a quote.  303-221-1272 ext. 1.

For individuals seeking information on EMDR therapy or trying to find a highly qualified EMDR therapist, please visit http://www.greenwoodcounselingcenter.com.