EMDR Center of the Rockies presents:
Ana Gomez

Feb. 23-24 in Denver, CO!!

Complex Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation: Treating Children with Developmental Trauma Using EMDR Therapy

February 23-24 Denver, CO
EMDR Center of the Rockies is thrilled to announce that internationally renowned EMDR Clinician, Ana Gomez is coming to Denver!


In this fabulous workshop, Ana will provide theoretical and practical step-by-step strategies to assist clinicians working with children with severe dysregulation of the affective system such as: Children exhibiting insecure patterns of attachment, complex PTSD and dissociative symptoms. She will teach EMDR Clinicians how to use EMDR therapy and attachment theory will be addressed. Strategies directed to titrate amount of trauma and keep children within manageable and tolerable levels of activation to facilitate reprocessing will be demonstrated. Playful strategies design to enhance the child’s capacities to tolerate positive and negative affect will be demonstrated. How to enhance the child’s ability to change state while at the same time expanding the child’s capacity to “stay with the state” will be covered. Advanced preparation strategies that include developing age appropriate understanding of boundaries as well as interoceptive awareness with insecurely attached and dissociative children will be covered. How to work with children with sensitized sympathetic and parasympathetic systems will be addressed as well as children with avoidant, disorganized and anxious attachment strategies. This training will provide creative and effective interweaves that access different levels of information processing: Cognitive, emotional and somatic. These interweaves are geared to promoting horizontal and vertical integration. In addition, interweaves directed to modulate arousal, stimulate mindfulness and maintain social engagement system during EMDR reprocessing will be thoroughly covered.

Learning Objectives:
Learn strategies for EMDR therapy case conceptualization and treatment plan development with children with complex trauma using the AIP model.
Learn how to effectively prepare children with complex trauma for EMDR trauma reprocessing.
Learn how to work with children with avoidant, disorganized as well as children with anxious attachment styles during the preparation and assessment phases.
Learn effective strategies to facilitate the reprocessing of traumatic material and how to use cognitive interweaves effectively with highly dysregulated children.

Friday Feb.23
8:30 am Registration begins
9:00 am Program begins
12-1 pm Lunch on own (approx.)
4:00 pm Day 1 concludes

Saturday Feb. 24
9:00 am Program begins
12-1 pm Lunch on own (approx.)
4:00 pm Day 2 concludes

$350 for two day training
Seating is limited.

Program level: Full EMDR training required
Certificate of Completion of EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training required upon registration.

Family Resource Pavillion / Shiloh House
9700 E. Easter Ln., Centennial, CO 80112
Just off I-25 and Arapahoe Rd.

Connecting with EMDR: Integrating Attachment Work and EMDR Therapy 

Presenter: Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC

March 23, 2018

Centennial, CO




Understanding the role of attachment as the foundation of development is a key piece in providing the groundwork necessary for effective EMDR therapy, particularly with clients struggling with complex trauma.  In addition to learning about each of the attachment styles, this training will provide EMDR clinicians with an understanding of how to foster healthy attachment experiences in the therapeutic relationship, and how to integrate those experiences into each phase of EMDR therapy.

Learning Objectives:

 Participants will be able to:

  • Identify basic principles of each attachment style
  • Understand 2-3 interventions for working with each attachment style in each phase of EMDR therapy
  • Understand how to integrate relational work into EMDR therapy to enhance the attachment wound repair process.
  • Identify specific interweaves to increase client’s felt sense of safety and subsequent reduction of defenses
  • Identify tools for case conceptualization and target sequencing that is compatible with different attachment styles

8:30 am Registration begins
9:00 am Program begins
12-1 pm Lunch on own (approx.)
4:00 pm Program concludes

$125 for full day training

Seating is limited.

Program level: Full EMDR Training required

Certificate of Completion of EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training required upon registration


8545 E. Dry Creek Rd.
Centennial, CO 80112

(Just off I-25 and Dry Creek Rd.)


Dates: February 23-24


Spring 2018 Training registration, click here. 

Requirements for enrollment in Ana Gomez Training:

Full EMDR training required
Certificate of Completion of EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training required upon registration.


Family Resource Pavillion / Shiloh House
9700 E. Easter Ln., Centennial, CO 80112
Just off I-25 and Arapahoe Rd.

Cancellation policy:

Tuition may be refunded for cancellations that take place up to 3 weeks prior to start of training. Following that, no refunds will be offered.

In the event that EMDR Center of the Rockies needs to cancel the training, participants will be notified by one week prior to the training and full tuition will be refunded.

Interweaves are an invaluable tool in EMDR therapy, particularly in complex cases, yet they are one of the most difficult tools in EMDR therapy for clinicians to understand and master. This presentation will provide participants with an in depth understanding of essential keys to developing powerful and effective and interweaves that may be required to facilitate effective processing of EMDR therapy targets. Participants will be taught tools to help determine which interweaves will best benefit the unique circumstances of their clients and how to implement interweaves effectively in order to maximize EMDR therapy treatment gains.

This workshop is designed for clinicians who have been trained in EMDR therapy and want some clarification on aspects of the protocol or want to be brought up to speed on how it has evolved over the years.  Workshop takes place in four 2 hour meetings.  The second hour of each meeting is devoted to case consultation.  Participants receive 4 hours of group consultation total. Bring a sack lunch.


Too often clinicians mistake Complex PTSD for PTSD, causing flooding or dissociation in treatment by addressing the trauma memory too soon. Learn to distinguish between these disorders and understand the differences in treatment approaches and specifically the needs for stabilization. Clinicians will be given a glimpse into the Adaptive Information Processing model of EMDR therapy and learn about the effectiveness of this therapy in the treatment of PTSD and Complex PTSD. Learn the important role of stabilization in treating these disorders and leave with an understanding of specific tools that can be used to stabilize the client prior to effective trauma treatment.Effective and Creative Use of Interweaves in EMDR Therapy.

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The use of interweaves in EMDR Therapy is a topic that comes up again and again in EMDR Therapy consultation groups. Many EMDR Therapy clinicians are uncertain of how to implement interweaves. This presentation will focus on the what, when, why, and how of using interweaves in EMDR Therapy. Clinicians will leave with a better understanding of what interweaves are, why they can be so effective, and when and how to use them. They will be given tools to help determine which creative interweaves will benefit the unique circumstances of clients in order to maximize EMDR Therapy treatment gains.

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