About my Consultation Groups:

The goal for the consultation groups that I run is for the clinicians to further develop their understanding and implementation of EMDR therapy.  We will review each of the eight phases of the EMDR protocol, learn strategies for successful case conceptualization, improve implementation of interweaves, delve into advanced topics including deepening understanding about how to implement strategies for working with different attachment styles, and more. I provide a detailed list of areas that should be understood in each phase, and will work with each consultee in individual consultation to discuss their strengths as an EMDR clinician and work with them to strengthen and grow in any necessary areas.


Ongoing Consultant in Training Consultation Group.  Become an Approved Consultant.  If interested, please contact Tamra Hughes at 303-221-1272 ext. 1  

Consultation for Certification Groups:

There are several Consultation groups for clinicians working toward their EMDR Certification that meet once a month on various Mondays or Wednesdays at 12:00.  These are “brown bag” consultation groups, where participants may their bring lunch, while we conduct the group.  There are options for one or two hour consultation groups.  Some groups are closed groups, others are open.  Closed groups run in a more structured fashion and each meeting builds upon the meeting prior to that, so attendance at all meetings is recommended.

Groups are $40 per hour.  For more information on current group options, or to register contact Tamra: 

Individual Consultation:

Meet one-on-one for one-hour or two-hour increments.  We will review your specific cases, discuss case conceptualization, advanced application of EMDR therapy, screening for dissociation, assessing and addressing attachment wounds, appropriate application of all 8 phases of the EMDR therapy protocol.

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Becoming trained in EMDR therapy requires receiving ten hours of consultation.  EMDR Center of the Rockies includes this consultation in their EMDR therapy training. Following completion of EMDR therapy training, it is strongly encouraged that clinicians continue on to become Certified EMDR therapists.  This involves receiving an additional twenty hours of consultation with an Approved Consultant in addition to their clinical work.  EMDR Center of the Rockies  provides consultation for those therapists who need consultation to complete their EMDR therapy training,  even if the training is done through another provider. Additionally, we provide consultation for clinicians who have just completed EMDR therapy training and for those who have been utilizing it in their practices and are just seeking to deepen their understanding of it, or for those who are seeking EMDR Certification or EMDR Approved Consultant status. During consultations, we will review:

  • EMDR protocol review consultation photo
  • Advanced applications of EMDR protocol
  • Addressing Complex PTSD and Dissociation with EMDR protocol
  • Integration of the protocol into specific cases
  • Theoretical context
  • Case conceptualization
  • Target selection
  • Proper assessment for EMDR readiness
  • Address any other questions or concerns that arise during EMDR sessions.


To schedule consultation time, please contact Tamra at 303-221-1272 or You may also visit her counseling website at where she has online scheduling.