website gccEMDR Center of the Rockies is a subsidiary of Greenwood Counseling Center, PLLC.  

If you are interested in pursuing EMDR therapy or other counseling services, please visit Greenwood Counseling Center at  There you will find information regarding the counseling practice of Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC, in addition to information regarding her associates at Greenwood Counseling Center.  We welcome new clients and provide high quality counseling services helping our clients to live their best lives.


At Greenwood Counseling Center we specialize in providing counseling and/or EMDR therapy for the following issues and more:


  • Trauma and Complex Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Sexual abuse
  • Early childhood abuse
  • Grief
  • Terminal illness/dying
  • Anxiety/panic disorders
  • Teen issues
  • Child issues
  • Relationships and Couples Counseling
  • Parenting