Lisa Fiola, LCSW, CAS

EMDR Certified Therapist • EMDR Consultant-in-Training

Lisa Fiola, LCSW, CAS is an EMDR Certified Therapist and an EMDR Consultant in Training.  Along with her work as an EMDR CIT, Lisa has a private practice where she works with teens and adults in the areas of addiction, trauma recovery, anxiety and depression.  Lisa has extensive past experience in community mental health both as a clinician and a program manager, managing high-intensity case management teams.  Lisa transitioned to private practice several years ago and was trained in EMDR through the EMDR Center of the Rockies.  Lisa was amazed at how much EMDR changed her practice and made a difference in the lives of her clients. 

Lisa believes the therapeutic relationship should be warm, supportive, and encouraging.  She works from a client-centered approach and believes in meeting people where they are at.  Lisa has many years of experience in Clinical Supervision and is excited to continue to grow her EMDR Consultation practice.  She is passionate about helping therapists to become proficient in EMDR in a way that feels positive and empowering. 

Lisa is originally from Idaho and worked in crisis services before moving to Colorado.  When she is not working, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and two energetic boys, getting out into nature, and traveling.  Lisa is available for EMDR consultation, she can be reached at 720-230-6649 or

Lisa Fiola headshot consultation facilitator EMDR of the Rockies