Rotem brayer, M.ed., lpc

EMDR Consultant-in-Training

Rotem Headshot (1).jpg

Rotem Brayer, M.Ed., LPC, is a Certified EMDR Therapist and an EMDRIA Consultant-in-Training. He works with a diverse group of clients, including immigrants, refugees and individuals from all over the world

Spending his time helping clients heal from trauma, depression, anxiety, and change negative habits, Rotem focuses on measuring therapy outcomes to help clients create a clear path to success. 

As a long-term meditator, Rotem integrates EMDR therapy with mindfulness and body-oriented techniques, and ensures that clients recognize their progress in therapy. To create long lasting changes, Rotem helps his clients create balance outside of the therapy room.   

When done right, EMDR therapy transforms people’s lives. After seeing his clients change like never before, as a result of successful EMDR therapy, Rotem’s passion for EMDR has led him to seek more advanced training, and to become an EMDR Consultant-in-Training. His approach to training EMDR clinicians is based on a deep understanding of the Adaptive Information Processing Model, combined with strategies used by expert performers to continuously improve. 

Rotem doesn’t believe in being an average EMDR therapist and helps EMDR clinicians achieve excellence in their work.  He can be reached at 720-306-9641.