“Well organized and thoughtfully presented.”

I have participated in Tamra's EMDR basic training, group consultation, and one advanced training so far. She is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about EMDR therapy, and about helping other professionals gain EMDR skills. Tamra's trainings are well organized and thoughtfully presented. She includes helpful experiential practices, as well as handouts and worksheets to use in the future. Through her trainings I have learned more about how traumatic and distressing experiences impact people, and have learned specific interventions for treating these issues. Tamra is a responsive, approachable, and supportive mentor for therapists wanting to learn about EMDR.

-Angela Ely, LSW


“excellent and comprehensive”

Tamra is focused on providing an excellent and comprehensive learning experience. Her approach allows for a deeper understanding, appreciation, and application of the material, as well as exceptional professional development opportunities through experiential learning and consultation.

-Stacy Hart, MA, LPC, NCC


For years everyone told me I needed to be trained in EMDR. From the minute I looked at EMDR of the Rockies website, I was interested in attending training conducted by Tamra Hughes. Tamra and I personally emailed prior to training, this made me feel valued and excited about the opportunity. Tamra's kind, prompt, and clear communication helped ease any hesitations I had about the price tag and time training required. As a new professional I welcomed the early bird, and group discount. Training sessions two times a month were perfect for some many reasons, the main being time to digest the information, read, review, and articulate questions and or concerns. In-between training sessions Tamra was available to communicate with too. It was a no brainer when I decided to work towards becoming EMDRIA certified that I would attend one of Tamra's supervision groups. Our group contains my training co-horts. Together we have all grown and evolved as EMDR clinicians, this is because of Tamra's gentle and informative style. Tamra is patient in slowing down the technique to help support our cases. Lastly, as a clinician that primarily works with children I am forever grateful for Tamra bringing Ana Gomez to Denver. I would highly recommend utilizing EMDR of the Rockies for training and supervision. Thank you Tamra for sharing your passion, and wealth of information. I am forever hooked on the positive benefits of EMDR. 

Stephanie Heitkemper, MA, MFT-C, Resilient Minds Counseling, PLLC


“gave me the confidence to include EMDR in my ‘toolkit’”

I received both basic and advanced attachment-focused EMDR training from Tamra . . . .outstanding! Her extensive clinical experience with EMDR makes her training come alive and gave me the confidence to include EMDR in my "toolkit" as a new therapist. 

-Craig Schlattmann, MSW, LSW

“she facilitates others in becoming the best therapists they can be”

Tamra Hughes is a skillful and gracious teacher and trainer of EMDR. I have benefited from her basic training as well as consultation—personally and via groups. She knows EMDR so very well and facilitates others in becoming the best therapists they can be—with their own unique perspectives and expertise. I would recommend her workshops and consultation to anyone.

Patty Podhaisky, MA, LPC