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Established 2013

We've Believe in EMDR

EMDR Center of the Rockies believes in the power of EMDR to transform clients’ lives and practitioners’ clinical work. We are enthusiastic about sharing this amazing therapy with others so that they can in turn, change lives. We also believe that the best EMDR is done through a relational lens. We help our participants learn to truly understand this model and in doing so to be authentic in their implementation of the process in a way that is focused on the therapeutic relationship.

The founder of EMDR Center of the Rockies, Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC, was trained over two decades ago and has been an avid provider of EMDR therapy ever since. She has been training clinicians in this amazing therapy for over ten years and has been heavily involved in EMDR International Association’s work to maintain quality training standards. The curriculum has been polished and honed over the years to create a comprehensive program that provides clinicians with the depth of understanding that they need to successfully implement this into their practice and launch them into the field of EMDR therapy. We follow up our EMDR Basic Training with options for ongoing consultation and support as clinicians work toward EMDR Certification or Approved Consultant Status, and we provide numerous Advanced Trainings to deepen clinician’s understanding and development as EMDR clinicians.

What Makes Us Different From Other EMDR Training Programs?

Frequent Contact

Our EMDR Basic Training is taught with learning development in mind. It is paced over the course of four two-day modules that are spread out over the course of three months. This format enhances the retention of the material and allows the participants time in between modules for practice, implementation of material learned, and time for contact with trainer for support, feedback, and improved understanding.

Highly Experienced Trainers

Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC is an EMDRIA Approved Trainer, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Certified Therapist. She is on the Board of Directors for EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) and has spent many years serving in various capacities with that organization. She has been teaching EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapy curricula since early 2014 and has trained thousands of clinicians in EMDR Therapy.

Tiffany Freer, LCSW is an EMDRIA Approved Trainer, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Certified Therapist that was trained in EMDR by Tamra Hughes in 2017 and has been involved in the EMDR Center of the Rockies trainings ever since she was certified in 2019.

Consultation During Training

EMDR Basic Training requires completion of 10 hours of consultation. Many trainings require that you get those consultation hours in between their training dates. With our training, it is unnecessary to seek the required consultation hours outside of the training, as the consultation is built into the schedule and is included in the training fee. Furthermore, the consultation is provided by the trainer and several carefully selected consultants who understand where you are in the learning process.

Guidance and Support

With the EMDR Center of the Rockies training you will be provided forms and instruction to help you integrate EMDR therapy work into your clinical practice. There are also optional study groups that meet twice in between each module and are facilitated by training consultation faculty. In addition to this, participants have access to office hours that are held by the trainer on a weekly basis in between modules, allowing for 1:1 time with the trainer to answer questions as they arise with the application of the material being taught

On-Demand Access

Clinicians who complete the EMDR Center of the Rockies EMDR Basic Training will be provided 6 month access to the On Demand EMDR Refresher course. This 7 hour Review Course walks clinicians through the AIP model, method and mechanisms of the EMDR Standard Protocol and includes video examples and handouts to make implementing the therapy into clinical practice more seamless.

Receive a Discount

EMDR Center of the Rockies offers a 10% discount on most EMDR Center of the Rockies Advanced Trainings for all graduates of the EMDR Center of the Rockies Basic Training. EMDR Center of the Rockies offers package options for all Group and Individual Consultation toward Certification for Graduates of EMDR Center of the Rockies Basic Training. Upon completion of any EMDR Basic Training, participants are considered “EMDR Trained Clinicians.” To become an EMDR Certified Therapist, clinicians who have completed Basic Training need to continue on to receive 20 hours of Consultation, 10 of which must be individual, in addition to using EMDR with 25 clients for a minimum of 50 hours, and receive 12 EMDRIA Approved Advanced Training CE credits. For more information on this: EMDR Certification Requirements.

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