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We know that choosing an EMDR Basic Training can be difficult!  We are here to help.  If your question is not answered here, or if you still are uncertain about this information, please email us or give us a call.  We are happy to discuss options and help you find solutions.  EMDR Therapy training is so important for therapists and we want to make it work for you!

Some commonly asked questions:

Our EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training provides more hours of lecture and practice than in the what used to be commonly known as the “Part 1” and “Part 2” approach. 

EMDRIA no longer designates specific “parts” of basic training (Part 1 or Part 2 or Part 3, etc). These basic training “parts” represent varieties of different training models offered by different  providers of EMDR basic training. 

EMDRIA sets minimum standards for amount of lecture (20 hours), practice (20 hours), and consultation (10 hours) and leaves it up to each provider to create a training model and structure that then must meet EMDRIA standards in order to be approved. EMDR Center of the Rockies Basic Training in EMDR Therapy is an EMDRIA Approved curriculum that is  offered as a series of four, two-day training modules scheduled over a 3 month period. With our training structure, there is no “Part 1” or “Part 2,” just four 2-day modules that comprise one complete, comprehensive basic training. 

Our 4 module structure is designed to give adult learners the optimal time to digest information, build on previously taught skills, and effectively integrate the information into their practice.  We include all of the required consultation into the time at the training.  Our team of consultants are pacing along with the participants helping them to apply the information that they are learning progressively into their practices.

With our training, you sign up for one complete training with a specific training schedule. Approximately twelve weeks after you start the training, you will have completed your EMDRIA Approved EMDR  Basic Training and will be using it in your current clinical setting as an EMDR Therapist.

If you completed “Part 1” from another training provider, it is not possible to register for just a “part” of our training to complete “Part 2.”  

EMDR Center of the Rockies EMDR Basic Training is offered as a series of four, two-day training sessions scheduled over a 12-week period. With our training, each module builds on the previous module to create one comprehensive training in EMDR Therapy.

Therefore, if you were only partially trained, you would need to attend all 8 days of our training in order to receive your certificate of completion.

Because our training is sequential, with each module building on the previous module of information, it is necessary to be present for the training in its entirety.  

During the training there are practice exercises that involve sequential, supervised practice of each of the skills being taught during the training. It is not possible to miss one full day or module and make it up via home study as EMDRIA requires live presence during all lecture material.  From time to time we do offer make up practice or consultation segments of the training at an additional cost.  The best option though is to really check your dates carefully.

In summary, EMDRIA requirements state that participants must attend all training days live and actively participate in all supervised practice exercises and group consultation sessions in order to receive a Certificate of Completion for this training. Similarly, CE granting organizations require participation and completion of all program activities to earn CEs. Neither the CE credits nor documentation of EMDRIA EMDR Basic Training program completion may be granted for partial attendance. 

The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) requires that students who register for EMDR Basic training have completed, or must be enrolled in, a master’s or doctoral program in the mental health field (Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing, Social Work) or related mental health discipline. Students need to have completed their core graduate program coursework and must have begun the practicum/internship portion of their graduate program. Graduate students need to be on a licensing track and working under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health clinician. Unfortunately, first year graduate students are not eligible to take the training, and really would get more out of the program anyway when further along in their studies.

Therefore, if you meet the above criteria and will be in your internship or practicum during the training, you are eligible to register for the training.

All EMDRIA approved EMDR basic training providers are required to include at least 10 hours of consultation whether it is in their program or offered outside  of the training.  Participants may not receive a certificate of completion until those required hours of consultation have been completed.

Some EMDR Basic Training providers do not include the cost of all 10 required hours of consultation in their listed tuition. 

Also, most providers do not include these 10 hours in the training schedule. Instead, most require participants to attend consultation outside of the training or to find a consultant on their own and then schedule and pay for these sessions privately. 

At EMDR Center of the Rockies, the cost of all required hours of consultation is included in the listed tuition. In addition to that we integrate 10 hours of consultation into the standard training schedule of the second, third, and fourth modules.  This makes it easy for our participants to receive top notch consultation with consultants who know our curriculum and are pacing along with our participants as they learn the material.

At EMDR Center of the Rockies, we closely support you in your learning process by providing many forms and scripts in our training materials and  online library  to assist you in practicing, documenting your clinical experiences, and integrating the material into your clinical practice.

At EMDR Center of the Rockies, we also provide weekly individual office hours that are available to book in between modules for questions that arise in your clinical implementation of the skills begin taught in the training. This opportunity also provides participants 1:1 time with the trainer.

Completing your EMDR basic training is just the beginning of your professional development with EMDR Therapy. After you complete your Basic Training in EMDR Therapy, we strongly encourage you to continue to continue consultation on a regular basis from an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and work toward becoming an EMDRIA Certified Therapist.  We have many consultation groups that form at the completion of each training, in addition to Advanced Training opportunities to support you as you continue to grow in the field.

Completing an EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) approved EMDR Basic Training  is the first step towards certification.  

After completing the EMDRIA Approved EMDR basic training  you are considered trained in EMDR Therapy.  

At the completion of EMDR Basic Training, licensed mental health professionals are eligible for full membership in EMDRIA. Interns and others who are working toward their licensure are eligible for associate membership in EMDRIA.

After completing the EMDR basic training, you may wish to pursue EMDRIA Certification. The  requirements for EMDR certification by EMDRIA are described in detail on EMDRIA’s website.

With that said, completing your basic training is just the beginning of your professional development with EMDR Therapy. After you complete your Basic Training in EMDR Therapy, we strongly encourage you to continue to obtain consultation on a regular basis from an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and work toward becoming an EMDRIA Certified Therapist. Lists of additional resources for professional development in EMDR Therapy are provided in our training materials.

Generally, in order to become certified in EMDR Therapy EMDRIA requires that you:

  • have at least two years experience in your field
  • have conducted at least 50 EMDR sessions with at least 25 clients
  • have received 20 hours of consultation by an Approved Consultant in EMDR Therapy (after completing your Basic Training)
  • have completed 12 hours of EMDRIA Credits (continuing education in EMDR)
  • provide letter(s) of recommendation from one or more Approved Consultant(s) in EMDR Therapy regarding your use of EMDR Therapy
  • provide two letters of recommendation
  • verify that you agree to adhere to EMDRIA’s Professional Code of Conduct

You need to have at least one or two cases in your clinical caseload with whom you can conduct individual psychotherapy in order to practice the skills you are learning in the EMDR Therapy training in between modules.

This training is focused on the application of EMDR Therapy in clinical practice. Participants will be required to discuss their clinical experiences in applying what they learn over the course of the training program.

The goal is to ensure that all participants have sufficient education and clinical experience to begin applying EMDR Therapy over the course of the training and have access to a clinical setting where the use of EMDR Therapy would be appropriate and possible.

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