EMDR Advanced Trainings

At EMDR Center of the Rockies, in addition to EMDR Basic Training, we provide EMDR Advanced Trainings for clinicians previously trained in EMDR. We strive to bring excellent presenters to mental health professionals across the country to help grow the body of outstanding clinicians. We believe that by having access to outstanding EMDR trainings, mental healthcare providers can provide optimal care to traumatized clients with cutting edge EMDR therapy strategies and care. Stay tuned to our website, and sign up for our mailing list, as we are regularly updating our training offerings.

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Advanced Training the application of EMDR in a school-based setting; EMDR of the Rockies online EMDR training


The Application of EMDR in a School-based Setting

(1.5 EMDRIA CEs; 1.5 NBCC CEs) This program addresses ways to prepare kids and teens for EMDR, educate the teachers and staff about EMDR therapy, and manage the reprocessing of targets to help the child return to a state of regulation before re-entering a classroom.

EMDR with Children: A closer look; EMDR of the Rockies online EMDR advanced training


EMDR with Children,
A Closer Look

(6 EMDRIA CEs; 6 NBCC CEs) This training addresses the foundation of using EMDR with children by adapting the standard protocol to fit the specific developmental level of children. Creative ways to apply each of the 8 EMDR phases to children are addressed.

EMDR cultural adaption teachers


EMDR and Cultural Adaptations

(2 EMDRIA CEs; 2 NBCC CEs) The goal of this workshop is to examine how EMDR therapy and cultural considerations can work together, by exploring creative ways to adapt EMDR techniques to various cultural contexts when working with diverse populations.

Understanding complex trauma and dissociation with EMDR training course


Complex Trauma & Dissociation

(6 EMDRIA CEs; 6 NBCC CEs) With complex trauma and dissociation, EMDR, Parts Models and Attachment interventions work better together. This training illustrates how to combine interventions from multiple sources to enhance the effectiveness of EMDR with complex cases.

EMDR and recent event lecturer


EMDR and Recent Events

(2.5 EMDRIA CEs; 2.5 NBCC CEs) This training will review six recent event protocols that can be used in the 8 phases of EMDR, and will provide clinicians with an overview of how to implement these protocols into practice with a variety of case examples.

Advanced training the art of EMDR and the treatment of Grief; EMDR of the Rockies online EMDR training


The Art of EMDR and the Treatment of Grief

(3.5 EMDRIA CEs; 3.5 NBCC CEs) In this training, we will look at the aspects of loss that increase the likelihood for complicated grief to develop, and how to most effectively treat it with EMDR.

Treating Addiction with EMDR therapy; EMDR of the Rockies online EMDr advanced training


Treating Addiction with EMDR Therapy

(6 EMDRIA CEs; 6 NBCC CEs) This workshop will focus on the uses of EMDR with addiction issues, and will introduce the Roadmap Model, which will help clinicians formulate case plans and develop treatment interventions for clients with these issues.

Advanced Training Seeking Security: EMDR and the 5 Pillars; EMDR of the Rockies online EMDR training


Seeking Security: EMDR and the 5 Pillars of Secure Attachment

(2 EMDRIA CEs; 2 NBCC CEs) This training will review the 5 pillars of attachment, and provide clinicians an understanding of how this knowledge can be integrated into the 8 phases of EMDR treatment, with a special focus on history taking, resourcing, and interweaves.

EMDR therapy refresher course brought to you by Tamra


EMDR Therapy Refresher

(7 EMDRIA CEs; 7 NBCC CEs) This program reviews components of EMDR Basic Training for EMDR clinicians who have not been actively using EMDR. It will address the 8 phases and 3 prongs of the Standard protocol, interweaves, case conceptualization, treatment planning.

Telehealth offered by EMDR of the Rockies teachers


EMDR and Telehealth

(No CEs; 30 minutes) As telehealth has launched into the mainstream as a viable method for providing therapy, EMDR clinicians have had concerns about how to best provide EMDR therapy in this format. This brief 30 minute training presented by Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC gets to the point and offers tips and considerations for how to best provide EMDR therapy in a safely and effectively via telehealth.

As one of the authors of EMDRIA’s EMDR Virtual Therapy Guidelines, Tamra provides information that is in keeping with EMDRIA’s recommendations for use of EMDR in a virtual setting.

Inspiring and Superior Training

I must say the training was intense due to the immense knowledge presented and what I gained. I was well worth my time and it has inspired me to continue to fortify my EMDR skills. I must say my specialization is in Trauma and Culture; the cultural component in the training was superior to many other presentations that I have experience and the facilitator listened, acknowledged, and understood the cultural comments I made and requested clarification. In my 8 years of experiencing “cultural sensitivity” presentations within or out of the counseling field the content in this training is top notch.

—Carmen M. Gutiérrez

So Helpful—Ready to Implement

I work with families and kids with trauma. This EMDR training was so helpful for me and I feel that I can really implement it well with some of my clients.

—Jay DeRosa

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Continuing Education Credits

Approved Continuing education teacher certfication
EMDR Center of the Rockies has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6934.  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  EMDR Center of the Rockies is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.
The California Board of Registered Nursing. CEP 15647 Expires 11/30/2024. This course is NOT available for NBCC credit This training does not offer ASWB ACE credit to social workers.

Cancellation Policy:

If canceling a registration at any time up to 3 weeks before the start of training, a full refund will be made, less a $150 administrative fee. Cancellations that take place within 3 weeks prior to the start of training are not eligible for a refund. Registrants that partially attend the training, or do not complete the training will not receive a refund and cannot transfer their attendance to another training.

In the event that EMDR Center of the Rockies needs to cancel the training, participants will be notified by one week prior to the training and full tuition will be refunded.

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