About Our Live Remote EMDR Basic Trainings


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Established 2013


We Love our Live, Remote EMDR Basic Training Format!

HIPPA-Compliant and Secure

We use an upgraded HIPAA-compliant Zoom Business platform, allowing us to have encrypted training modules that are safe and secure.

We teach how to provide EMDR Virtually and In-Person.  Participants practice in our Virtual format during the training and are taught how to provide EMDR in person.

Benefits and Features

  • Interactive lecture with active question and answer format and participant involvement.
  • Consultation structure and break-out rooms that allow for more privacy than in-person training.
  • All practice triads/dyads that are in break-out rooms are monitored by faculty.
  • Pods of 9-10 people that stay together for consultation and practice sessions throughout the training, creating a more intimate learning environment.
  • Swift response to questions during lecture. Questions can be asked verbally or can be posted on the chat feature that is monitored by our faculty during the lecture, providing immediate responses to the questions.
  • Comprehensive Classroom Management (CMS) portal in which each student is enrolled. This system contains the manual, assignments, forms, scripts, discussion board, and more. Participants will receive login information for the CMS once registered for the training.
  • Video orientation to the CMS so you know everything you need to be able to navigate the system successfully, in addition to having access to staff to address any questions that may arise regarding the system.
  • Extensive video library that can be accessed on demand demonstrating each phase of the EMDR Therapy protocol, in addition to video review and discussions on a variety of topics.

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