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Do You Seek a More Effective Way of Treating Your Clients' Trauma?

Are you a therapist who has arrived at a crossroads in your ability to treat trauma, and you want to find a deeper, more effective way of helping your clients? Have you found that your current therapeutic approaches to healing just aren’t producing successful results?

It is time to transform your practice. If you want to expand your expertise as a therapist and build a thriving mental health practice, EMDR Basic Training will provide you with the tools to provide top notch care and healing for your clients. Our training is extremely comprehensive and includes in-house consultation that takes place during the training, ensuring that your consultants meet you where your are in your learning and track with you throughout the training.

Featured Courses

Basic Training

EMDRIA Approved trainings to get you started on your path to EMDR Certification and becoming an Approved Consultant.

Advanced Training

If you've already got background in EMDR, our Advanced Training will teach you new and more specialized techniques.


Continue to grow as an EMDR therapist through ongoing support by participating in a consultation group.

Mental Health Clinicians Seek EMDR Training For Many Reasons

Many clinicians have found that other therapeutic models alone simply haven’t been able to help clients overcome trauma, PTSD, or other mental health issues. EMDR works on a deeper level, helping therapists navigate those places where a client feels hopeless or powerless.

Perhaps you feel stuck as a clinician, so you’d like to explore new ways of helping people that are faster and more efficacious. It may even be that you have experienced the healing power of EMDR yourself and you want to spread its benefits to your clients.

Whatever your motivation is, EMDR Basic Training at EMDR Center of the Rockies can help you create a more robust and effective practice. With the support of our EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training, we believe you can build your name as a specialist in EMDR Therapy and make your practice thrive.

Being an EMDR Trained Therapist has Become an Industry Standard

EMDR Therapy is quickly becoming the go-to treatment method for successfully addressing a wide range of issues. It’s been accepted as the gold standard of treatment for trauma, PTSD, and a host of other mental health challenges by vetted organizations too numerous to name.

Where other modalities only address symptoms, EMDR Therapy targets the root cause of the problem, facilitating lasting change that reaches into every aspect of a person’s life. The result is not only the elimination of symptoms and triggers, but also a more positive, adaptive shift for the client in their behavior, confidence, and self-regard.

Oftentimes, therapists will hesitate to pursue EMDR training because of financial or time restraints. However, becoming adept at EMDR therapy can empower you to offer top-tier care for each individual. With our structured, EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training, you can expand your expertise and stand out as a clinician who specializes in effectively treating trauma and PTSD.

Already Recommending!

I appreciate and enjoyed this entire training series. I feel well prepared to enter the EMDR world and start helping my clients. I have already recommended this training to other colleagues who have expressed a want to get trained! Thank you!

EMDR Working Firsthand

What a wonderful tool EMDR is to support clients towards healing, progress and empowerment. This training provided not only the pertinent information needed to understand the approach, but also lots of space to practice and see it work first hand.

—Stephanie Andrews

EMDR Training Will Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Our EMDRIA Approved training programs offer a space for both novice and seasoned clinicians to acquire valuable information and learn new material from many different angles. We will give you the chance to fully explore EMDR by reading about it, practicing its various methods, and witnessing it in action through videos and demonstrations.

Our specialists will teach you how to implement this eight-phase therapeutic model into your practice according to your specific needs. In addition to EMDR Basic Training, we offer EMDRIA Approved Advanced EMDR Training that will help you work toward certification and subsequent Approved Consultant status, if desired. 

We make safety and comfort a priority when practicing EMDR during the trainings while giving you hands-on support, guidance, and encouragement throughout the process.

Highly Competitive EMDR Basic Training Fee

Individual Rate: $1350-1400 per person

Group rate: $1200 per person for groups of 3 or more clinicians from an organization registering together. To register a group, email us here: GROUP REGISTRATION INFORMATION

The individual rate for our EMDR Basic Training, including all consultation required for completion of training, is $1350-$1400, depending on whether you choose to pay in full prior to the start of training, or if you opt for the payment plan. We offer group discounts. 

Compare our rates to other programs that provide comparable content and contact hours, including consultation, and you will see why so many clinicians choose EMDR Center of the Rockies for their EMDR Training.

Let Us Help You Become a Better Therapist

With the support of our Experienced EMDRIA Approved Trainers and Consultants, you can grow your practice, expand your area of expertise as a trauma specialist, and help your clients heal in deep and meaningful ways. 

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