EMDR Therapy Basic Training

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Basic Training

In all areas of psychotherapy, clinicians are helping clients to resolve traumas, both large and small. Learn to address the underlying trauma and presenting issues with the outstanding, evidence based therapy of EMDR. This EMDR training curriculum is particularly comprehensive and inclusive of all required consultation hours and is completed in only three months from start to finish and is comprised of four weekend modules.

Comprehensive curriculum covers:

  • The foundations of working with trauma and dissociation

  • In-depth understanding of Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model

  • Basic neurobiology of trauma

  • Standardized assessment of symptoms for trauma, dissociative symptoms and disorders

  • Case formulation- Attachment theory as a foundation for EMDR therapy treatment planning

  • Methods for stabilization and improved regulation

  • Thorough understanding of each of the eight phases of EMDR therapy and how to implement this therapy with a broad range of cases.

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