Tamra Hughes

What to Look for in an EMDR Therapist

EMDR therapy is fast becoming a common therapy in which many therapists are trained. That said, not all clinicians are correctly using EMDR therapy, which can be ineffective, upsetting or destabilizing for clients. This is unfortunate because good healing comes from good EMDR therapy, but it can be hard to know how to find a good EMDR therapist. So, what should you look for in an EMDR therapist?

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EMDR Therapy Basic Training

In all areas of psychotherapy, clinicians are helping clients to resolve traumas, both large and small. Learn to address the underlying trauma and presenting issues with the outstanding, evidence based therapy of EMDR. This EMDR training curriculum is particularly comprehensive and inclusive of all required consultation hours and is completed in only three months from start to finish and is comprised of four weekend modules.

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EMDR Therapy as a Framework for Case Conceptualization

This morning as I sit working on preparations to teach yet another EMDR Training in Denver next month, I am feeling gratitude for the opportunity to share this invaluable technique with other clinicians. What motivates me is my wish for those new EMDR clinicians to help many more people than I could ever help alone. As clinicians, we recognize that the way one copes with trauma and challenges in life is largely the result of the foundation and resources they develop early in life. How we, as clinicians, help them to synthesize these experiences with adaptive resources is the solution.

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